Energy management
software for EV fleets

Boost your profit and performance with advanced energy management

Synop energy management software (EMS) for EV fleets, including virtual power plant (VPP) capabilities, allows you to optimize your use of power and energy across multiple load/generation sources and access V1G/V2G (vehicle-to-grid) opportunities for revenue generation.

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Compatible with all electric utilities

Wind machine
solar pannel

Pioneering V2G capabilities

Monitor aggregate energy usage and contribute energy back to the grid for revenue generation opportunities

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“V2G not only helps local utilities meet demand, but also creates income for school districts and makes electric school buses more affordable.”
Duncan McIntyre,
Founder and CEO of Synop customer,
Highland Electric Fleets

Virtual EMS advantages

Put your fleet operations on autopilot by delegating control of the charging schedule to the Synop platform

load balancing

Adjust and curtail energy use to in response to grid events using AI-driven forecasting tools

Active energy

View charger use, faults, and operations

Energy source

Adjust and manage energy sources across solar, battery, and grid

Frequently Asked Questions

What is energy management for an EV fleet?

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EV energy management software optimizes the charging and discharging of electric vehicle (EV) batteries, balancing energy consumption and supply to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

How does EV Energy management software reduce electricity costs

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Synop's software schedules EV charging during off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower, and can also facilitate in grid programs like selling energy back to the grid during peak demand.

How Does EV Energy Management Software Support Grid Stability?

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By intelligently managing charging loads and supporting vehicle-to-grid (V2G) capabilities, the software helps to reduce peak demand and enhance grid stability.

What is vehicle-to-grid (V2G)?

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V2G technology allows electric vehicles (EVs) to send stored energy back to the grid, turning them into mobile energy sources or mobile power plants.

How Does V2G Benefit Electric Vehicle Fleets?

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V2G can generate additional revenue for fleet operators by selling excess energy back to the grid, especially during peak demand. In this way, electric vehicle fleet operators can lower their TCO while supporting grid reliability and reducing carbon emissions. In contrast, ICE vehicles do not offer the same revenue-generating opportunity.

Does Energy Management Software Support Renewable Energy Integration?

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Yes, it can integrate with renewable energy sources to utilize clean energy for charging, enhancing sustainability.