At Synop, we know that the security of your data & operations is paramount to your business success. That’s why security is at the forefront of all that we do. Read on to learn more about our industry-leading security measures.


Data at Rest
Our service are configured with encryption at rest, using industry-standard algorithms to secure your stored data
Data in Transit
We enforce HTTPS and TLS encryption for all data moving between our services and users, keeping your data secure on its journey.
Secrets Management
We ensure data security through the use of secrets management, which securely stores and automatically updates sensitive credentials to protect them from unauthorized access.



We strategically deploy resources across various regions to enhance performance and offer localized resource management tailored to your requirements.

Region specific compliance monitoring

By leveraging advanced monitoring tools, we automatically ensure compliance with regional regulations, enhancing our security and compliance posture.

Network Segregation

Risk exposure is minimized and network security is enhanced through the isolation of environments using virtual private clouds and subnetting strategies, encompassing both public and private approaches.

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