Vehicle management software for EV Fleets

Monitor and manage your electric vehicles

Synop vehicle management software allows you to actively monitor and manage your organization’s electric vehicles (EVs).

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Compatible with all commercial EVs

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Light Duty
(Class 1-2)
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Medium Duty
(Class 3-6)
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Heavy Duty
(Class 7-8)

Real-time vehicle data

View fleet telematic information at all times

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Telematics integrations

Integrate with telematics providers like Zonar, Samsara, and Geotab

“We’re thrilled to add Synop’s solution to our sustainability ecosystem, supporting our customers to better manage their EV fleet, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.”

Eric Mallia,
VP of Sustainability Solutions,
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Vehicle notifications

View live vehicle status, telematics, and metadata

Vehicle reporting

Track and audit vehicle activity, usage, and charging

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EV fleet management software?

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EV fleet management software is a comprehensive tool designed to monitor, manage, and optimize the operations of a fleet of electric vehicles, covering aspects like location, range, route scheduling, and more.

Can EV Fleet Management Software Integrate with Existing Telematics Systems?

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Yes, Synop's software solutions is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing telematics systems, providing a unified view of your fleet's operations.

How Does EV Fleet Management Software Contribute to Cost Savings?

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By optimizing charging schedules with improving route planning, Synop's software can contributes to significant operational cost savings from energy consumption tracking, vehicle efficiecny, fleet utilization, and more.

Is the Software Compatible with Different EV Models?

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Yes, Synop is able to integrate with and is designed to be compatible with a variety of electric vehicle models, either directly with the OEM or through telematics service, providing flexibility for fleets with diverse vehicle types.

Does the Software Support Sustainability Reporting?

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Yes, Synop software often includes sustainability reporting features, helping to track and report on your fleet’s carbon emissions and environmental impact for either internal purposes or for credits, like LCFS.

Can I Monitor and Manage My Fleet Remotely?

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Absolutely, Synop offers remote monitoring and management capabilities, allowing you to stay connected with your fleet at all times either through our web-based platform or our upcoming mobile app.