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Manage your fleet reimbursement program with ease
Save time. No more manual reporting hassles.
Compliance Made Easy
Real documentation. Real compliance.
Simple to configure
Easy to manage, including both support for bulk uploads and user configuration.
Works anywhere in the US
Works with any vehicle, any charger
How it works:
Connect your vehicle, a charger or a telematics device to the Synop platform. Generate a take home EV reimbursement report, export the data to a system of your choice or seamlessly pay out your reimbursements to staff.
Map of Synop EV reimbursement report. Telematic Devices, Vehicle Data, Charger Data, Reports Generated in Synop, API to accounting, Pay reimbursement out to staff.Map of Synop EV reimbursement report. Telematic Devices, Vehicle Data, Charger Data, Reports Generated in Synop, API to accounting, Pay reimbursement out to staff.
Synop tracks all reimbursement from home charging.
No more hassle. We work across all utilities, chargers, telematics devices and vehicles.
Synop provides the reimbursement data to your finance department to make their life easy.
We can provide it in a report, in the form of compliant receipts or through an API to your accounting or expense systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EV fleet residential reimbursement?

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Fleet Residential Reimbursement for corporate vehicles refers to the specific policies and programs a company implements to manage and compensate the costs associated with the use of electric vehicles in its corporate fleet, such as charging costs. This can include both company-owned EVs and employees' personal EVs used for business purposes. The aim is to support sustainable transportation while ensuring efficient business operations.

How do you reimburse employees for electric car charging?

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Synop provides a range of options to support remittance for home electricity consumption.  Most Fleet Managers download our report from their dashboard and manage reimbursement internally.  Otherwise, the Synop platform is integrated with Stripe to support automatic remittance.  Lastly, Synop can integrate with most Expense systems using our APIs.

Can you get mileage reimbursement for an electric car?

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Yes, Synop has the ability to support mileage reimbursement. Similar to traditional fleet reimbursement, companies might pay a per-mile rate for business use of a personal EV. This rate might differ from that of gasoline vehicles, reflecting the different operating costs of EVs.

Can fleet managers provide a flat reimbursement or should I calculate exactly kWh reimbursement for my electric vehicle fleet?

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Although flat reimbursements paid to employees requires less administrative work and is easier to manage, fleet managers risk either under or overpaying employees relative to their actual consumption which may require true-ups paid to employees over time. This could lead to disagreements with employees regarding calculations especially with national fleets as utility rates and structures can vary heavily state by state.

Are the reimbursement forms IRS compliant?

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Yes, Synop is able to produce IRS compliant reimbursement forms. Fleet reimbursement forms need to be designed in a way that they are compliant with IRS (Internal Revenue Service) regulations, especially if your organization operates within the United States.

Do you integrate with any financial or accounting softwares?

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Absolutely, Synop offers seamless integration capabilities with existing accounting, financial, and expense management software that our clients use. This ensures a smooth workflow and compatibility with your current systems.