Charging management software for EV Fleets

Monitor, schedule, and optimize your fleet charging

Synop charging management software (CMS) allows you to monitor, schedule, and optimize charging across your commercial EV fleet.

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Compatible with all EV chargers

L2 AC chargers
DC fast chargers

Remote charging schedules

Schedule repeating, bidirectional, and adaptive charging sessions remotely

Remote charger controls

Control chargers remotely with the ability to start/stop sessions and reboot the charger

Operations and maintenance

Enable efficient troubleshooting and quick surfacing of error codes for O&M purposes

“Electrifying and managing EV fleets at scale would be nearly impossible without Synop. With Synop’s smart charging and energy management system, we seamlessly navigate these complexities, allowing us to focus on running our EV fleet with utmost efficiency.”

Sean Leach,
Director of Technology and Platform Management, Highland Electric Fleets

Streamlined charging management and support

Manage firmware updates, receive charger diagnostic reports, and access L2 and DC fast charger support