Launch a robust payment and billing program

Synop offers a versatile payment management tool stack for EV fleets.


Driver transactions

Synop can make your team more efficient with our complete suite of driver transaction functionality, from processing the financial transaction to settlements.

Charger station transaction management

Running a successful charger business requires accurate numbers and real-time reporting. Our software provides all the tools and data necessary to manage daily charger transactions, reporting and settlements.

Billing management

Billing management can be complicated to set up and manage. With our software, you can easily set up your daily billing management preferences from price setting to payment posting.

Residential reimbursement coordination

Many EV fleet drivers take their vehicles home and charge at night.  Fleet managers need to reimburse their drivers for this home charging, which leads to complex process flows and reporting.  Our software makes the reimbursement process easy to set-up and manage.

Fuel Card Program

Fuel card programs can result in efficient access and charging for fleet drivers. Whether you want to leverage the Synop Fuel Card Program or create your own, our software tools and data provisioning can help you.