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May 2, 2023

EnergyHub Partners with Synop To Expand EV Fleet Charging Access and Vehicle-to-Grid Capabilities For Utilities

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The partnership provides utilities with improved grid intelligence while enabling commercial EV fleets to generate revenue from charging assets.

New York (May 2, 2023) – Approximately two million commercial electric vehicles (EVs) will be on the road by 2030. A new partnership between EnergyHub, the utility industry’s most experienced provider of distributed energy resource management systems (DERMS), and Synop, a charging and energy management software company for commercial EV fleets, prepares utilities and fleet owners for an EV-centric future.

The EnergyHub EV/Synop integration combines the grid management expertise of EnergyHub with Synop’s dynamic power and energy management capabilities for fleet operators. The pairing provides utilities with increased asset visibility and control, while commercial fleet operators benefit from streamlined utility program enrollment processes and can generate additional revenue from charging assets.

The integration is giving utilities even greater access to Highland Electric Fleets, a leading North American provider of turnkey fleet electrification-as-a-service, and BorgWarner, one of the largest automotive suppliers to support EV fleets and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology.

”Combining Synop’s technology with the EnergyHub EV platform allows us to provide utilities with a solution that enables the acceleration of  fleet electrification.The combined platforms optimize the build-out of the grid while keeping the EV fleet operator at the core of everything we do.” said Jeff Huron, Senior Manager, EV Business Development at EnergyHub. “The integration with Synop supports scalable, sustainable fleet data collection as well as V1G and V2X use cases, unlocking new value streams for utilities and fleet owners.”

The partnership extends Synop’s fleet charging management capabilities to enable fleet operators to generate additional revenue from grid services (V1G/V2G)  and enables utilities visibility and control of charging assets.

"Utilities hold the keys to achieving transportation electrification targets as they build the infrastructure needed to ensure charging demands can be met," said Mark Braby, Synop’s COO. “We will not get there unless utilities are working with fleet customers on energy management solutions - and that’s why the partnership between EnergyHub and Synop is so critical.”

EnergyHub and Synop plan to leverage their partnership to facilitate managed charging and V2G programs for utilities and ISOs across North America, delivering real-time pricing and asset control while meeting the highest security standards.

About EnergyHub

EnergyHub is the leading grid-edge DERMS provider. Utilities rely on EnergyHub’s DERMS platform to manage all distributed energy resources to serve grid and market objectives. EnergyHub works with over 60 utilities in North America to manage more than 1.35 GW of flexible capacity. We empower utilities and their customers to create a clean, distributed energy future. For more information, visit

About Synop

Synop provides an end-to-end EV software platform that is purpose-built to scale EV adoption by managing charging operations for commercial EV fleets with functionality that spans vehicle management, charging management, V2G energy management, and payment management. Through vendor-agnostic vehicle telematics and EV charging station integrations, Synop delivers AI-driven forecasting tools that optimize charging schedules to ensure commercial EV fleets maximize uptime and minimize cost. To learn more visit

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