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September 5, 2023
Software Spotlight

Empowering utilities with Synop’s energy management software for EV fleets

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The rapid growth of electric vehicles (EVs) has brought about new challenges and opportunities for utilities to manage energy resources effectively. Synop is at the forefront of enabling utilities to seamlessly manage their internal fleet and also integrate and manage utility-customer fleets. With a vendor-agnostic, enterprise-grade platform, Synop offers utilities a suite of powerful tools, including energy management insights, artificial intelligence (AI) forecasting capabilities, and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) management. Let’s explore how Synop's offerings empower utilities to optimize grid management, enhance efficiency, and facilitate the transition to sustainable transportation.

Driving the future of internal utility EV fleets 

Utilities are embracing the transition to EVs by incorporating them into their own large commercial fleets. Recognizing this transformation, Synop has developed a game-changing platform that seamlessly integrates vehicles, chargers, and the grid. With a strong focus on software development and energy management expertise, Synop empowers utilities to optimize EV charging, energy management, vehicle tracking, and payment processing. Synop’s vendor-agnostic software ensures compatibility with any charger, vehicle, or utility provider, offering utilities a versatile and scalable solution tailored to their specific needs. Synop is revolutionizing utility fleet operations, enabling efficient and seamless integration of EVs into their existing infrastructure.

Energy management insights

One of Synop's primary offerings for utilities is energy management insights. By analyzing real-time data and employing advanced analytics, Synop provides utilities with valuable insights into energy usage patterns of fleet EVs, enabling more accurate demand forecasting and load balancing. This enables utilities to make informed decisions about grid build out, energy distribution, and resource allocation. With Synop's energy management insights, utilities can proactively address peak demand periods, optimize charging schedules, and ensure a stable and efficient grid operation.

AI forecasting model

The power of AI plays a crucial role in Synop's software platform. Synop utilizes AI forecasting tools to provide utilities with accurate predictions of future energy demand, allowing them to optimize their resource planning and grid operations. With Synop's AI forecasting capabilities, utilities can anticipate the charging requirements of commercial EV fleets, adjust energy distribution accordingly, and prevent grid overloads. By harnessing the power of AI, utilities can achieve greater efficiency, reduce operational costs, and enhance the overall stability of the grid.

V2G and demand-side management

V2G and demand side management (DSM) technology is revolutionizing the way utilities manage energy resources. Synop's platform offers comprehensive management tools that allow utilities to leverage the battery capacity of connected EVs to support grid stability and optimize energy usage. With Synop's analytics and control  capabilities, utilities can aggregate the charging and discharging capacities of commercial EV fleets, effectively turning them into distributed energy resources. This enables utilities and grid operators to balance energy supply and demand, and compensate fleet operators for curtailing charging or energy sold back to the grid.

Collaborating with EV fleet operators

In addition to direct offerings for utilities, Synop also collaborates with commercial EV fleet operators to integrate with their local utility. Synop helps fleet operators manage their own fleets by providing tools for charging management, energy management and payment processing, which includes integration with the utility to minimize grid upgrades and deliver grid services. This two-fold approach ensures a seamless integration between fleet operators, utilities, and the grid, fostering a symbiotic relationship that supports the transition to sustainable transportation.

Are you a utility ready to rEVolutionize your offering?

Synop's comprehensive offerings for utilities provide a pathway toward seamless and efficient grid management as EVs are set to take center stage within commercial fleets. By harnessing the power of their vendor-agnostic platform, utilities can leverage energy management insights, AI forecasting tools, and V2G management capabilities to optimize grid operations, improve energy efficiency, and promote sustainable transportation. Synop's commitment to interoperability and collaboration with fleet operators and utilities demonstrates a dedication to transforming the future of mobility and decarbonizing global transportation. With Synop as a trusted partner, utilities can confidently navigate the complexities of managing EV fleets while maximizing the benefits of clean energy integration.

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