The Works with Synop program offers seamless hardware-software compatibility for our customers.

A great charging experience depends on things like provisioning, tight alignment on firmware updates, and well-defined support channels.

Works with Synop ensures a trouble-free experience from charger activation throughout the equipment’s lifecycle. Synop works with Best in Class hardware providers while setting new standards for interoperability, integration, and performance.

So select any partner from our list of partners with the confidence that the integration has been tested heavily with Synop’s software platform to remove friction and frustration in the EV charger selection process.

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Support and Issue Resolution

Don’t face issues on your own
Opting for hardware from the Works with Synop™ listensures customers have a dedicated support line and the highest level of Synop functionality and experience. This includes a streamlined process for reporting and timely issue resolution.
Works with Synop Charging Partners
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does EVSE Interoperability Mean?

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EVSE interoperability refers to the ability of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations from different manufacturers or networks to work seamlessly with various EV models.

Why is EVSE Interoperability Important?

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Interoperability ensures a consistent and reliable charging experience for EV users, making it easier to charge vehicles across different charging networks.

What is OCPP?

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OCPP stands for Open Charge Point Protocol, an open-source communication standard that enables different EV charging stations and central management systems to communicate and work together.

Why is OCPP Important for EV Charging?

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OCPP promotes interoperability, reduces dependency on single vendors, and encourages innovation and competition in the EV charging industry.

How Does OCPP Contribute to Smart Grid Integration?

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By facilitating communication between EV charging stations and central management systems, OCPP enables smart grid functionalities such as demand response and load balancing.