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May 22, 2023
Success Story

Synop success story: Optimizing EV fleet charging in cold weather

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Read this success story to learn how Synop helped a commercial EV bus company overcome the challenge of managing charging operations in sub-zero temperatures, leading to improved performance and reduced costs.

Challenge: Managing EV charging operations in sub-zero temperatures

It is no secret that the performance of electric vehicles can be impacted by cold temperatures, making it challenging for vehicles to perform optimally in locations with extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, certain chargers lose "the handshake" with the vehicle when the state of charge reaches 100%, which means a charger needs to be disconnected/reconnected to regain the handshake with the vehicle. This was the challenge faced by Minnesota Coaches, a commercial bus company which operates fleets for school districts in Minnesota, where temperatures can reach sub-zero levels. The company needed a way to ensure that the batteries in their electric school buses were warmed in the morning before departure to ensure optimal performance on their route.  In parallel, the company desired to maintain the handshake with the vehicle throughout its dwell time at the depot to ensure the vehicle had the optimal state of charge upon departure.

Solution: Synop's advanced managed charging system

Synop's advanced managed charging system proved to be a perfect fit for Minnesota Coaches' challenge of warming EV batteries ahead of departure, while also maintaining an optimal state of charge. The software platform's smart scheduling algorithms ensured that the buses were charged to around 90% of their state of charge throughout the night via a trickle amperage, which prevented the charger from losing connectivity. In the morning, the Synop platform scheduled a charging session to warm up the batteries and get them to an ideal operating temperature, ensuring optimal performance upon departure.

To further optimize the charging process, the Synop platform scheduled multiple charging sessions throughout the evening with different parameters. These sessions were designed to meet the required state of charge, while minimizing the cost of charging and maintaining optimal battery and cabin temperatures. By doing so, Synop's platform was able to ensure that the EV buses were always ready to go and perform at their best, regardless of the weather condition.

Results: Improved performance and reduced costs

The Synop platform's flexibility and configurability helped Minnesota Coaches overcome the operational challenges of managing EV charging operations in sub-zero temperatures. The advanced managed charging system ensured optimal battery performance, reduced operational costs, and improved overall performance. Synop provides a comprehensive solution for commercial EV fleets to manage their charging operations, even in challenging weather conditions. By optimizing various operational parameters, Synop's platform ensures that commercial EV fleets maximize uptime and minimize costs, ultimately helping to scale EV adoption.

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