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June 27, 2023
Software Spotlight

The value of Synop software for auto OEMs and their EV fleet customers

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In the competitive auto industry, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) face the challenge of managing the transition to EVs while operating within tight profit margins and a changing business model. Synop understands the needs of the OEM and offers a game-changing solution through its white label charging and energy management software platform. By partnering with Synop, auto OEMs can seamlessly provide their end-fleet customers with charging and energy management solutions as commercial fleets scale electric vehicle (EV) operations.

White label advantage

One of the key advantages of Synop software is that it can be white labeled for auto OEMs to bundle with the vehicle sale and/or incorporate into their existing platforms, effectively expanding their product line. By leveraging Synop's cutting-edge software, auto OEMs can provide seamless and efficient EV charging and energy management solutions to their customers who are transitioning to electric fleets. This strategic move supports auto OEMs to position themselves as leaders in the electrification journey, capturing a larger piece of revenue while also maintaining a touchpoint with the end-fleet customer after the vehicle sale. Through Synop's white label approach, auto OEMs can incorporate the Synop software into their own brands, which extends their reach and enables them to connect with customers across various channels. By putting their names on Synop's software, auto OEMs can establish themselves as providers of innovative and technologically advanced solutions for EV fleets, further enhancing their reputation and customer trust in the industry.

Reducing costs

By adopting Synop's software, auto OEMs can also significantly reduce costs and resource allocation. Building software in-house can be a complex and expensive endeavor, requiring substantial investments in research, development, and hiring specialized talent. However, by partnering with Synop, auto OEMs can leverage the expertise of Synop's in-house experts in EV charging and energy management solutions. This collaboration not only eliminates the need for in-house software development but also allows auto OEMs to benefit from the accumulated knowledge and experience of Synop's team.

Advantages for EV fleets

Synop offers auto OEM customers with EV fleets a range of powerful software solutions that optimize charging and energy management. With deep integrations, real-time data and control capabilities, and interoperability, Synop empowers EV fleets to choose the best components for their fleets and maximize flexibility. The comprehensive charging, vehicle, and energy management solutions provided by Synop enable efficient infrastructure management, informed decision-making, and cost reduction. Whether it's school bus electrification, port electrification, package delivery, or other commercial EV fleet applications, Synop's tailored support ensures reliable operations and maximum efficiency. By partnering with Synop, auto OEM customers can streamline and scale their EV fleet operations. Click here to learn more about Synop solutions for commercial EV fleets.

Are you an auto OEM ready to rEVolutionize your offering?

Synop's white label charging and energy management software solutions offer significant value to auto OEMs with customers transitioning their fleets to EVs. By incorporating Synop's software into their product line, auto OEMs can expand their offerings, differentiate themselves in a competitive market, and strengthen their brand identity.

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