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October 10, 2023

Synop Unveils State-of-the-Art EV Fleet Charging and Innovation Lab in Brooklyn, New York

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Synop, the leading platform for electric vehicle (EV) fleet solutions, is thrilled to announce the unveiling of The Synop Charge Lab, an interactive facility located in Brooklyn, New York. The Charge Lab will allow Synop and its partners to run live tests on chargers and electric vehicles.

“Opening the Charge Lab is an exciting new chapter in the company's history,” said CEO Gagan Dhillon. “The research and development that we can do hands-on with partners at this facility represents a significant step forward in our commitment to providing enterprise software for the EV fleet industry.”

The Synop Charge Lab will serve as an epicenter for R&D, providing a platform for interoperability testing spanning all chargers, telematics, and vehicles. Accessible to both Synop's team and collaborative partners, the lab offers an environment conducive to rapid product prototyping and live simulations of EV charging in authentic scenarios.

"We decided to launch a physical space to help accelerate our innovation process alongside our partners,” said Andrew Bledge, CTO and Co-founder of Synop. “With EVs and chargers at our disposal, we can amass valuable data and help our customers in their integration journey."

The new Charge Lab facility is now open in Brooklyn, New York. The location of the lab was strategically chosen due to the abundant talent in the New York City Metropolitan Area, and the opportunity to collaborate with local companies in the thriving regional ecosystem. The new space will also serve as a headquarters office for Synop’s operations in New York.

"Getting to introduce cutting-edge commercial EV innovation to New York underscores Synop's leadership in the EV fleet space,” said Mark Braby, Synop's CCO. “We envision the Synop Charge Lab becoming an integral part of the Brooklyn community."

To learn more about Synop and the Charge Lab, visit

About Synop

Synop provides a comprehensive EV software platform meticulously designed to expedite EV adoption by seamlessly managing charging operations for commercial EV fleets. Synop's suite includes vehicle management, charging management, V2G energy management, and payment management. By integrating vehicle telematics and EV charging station solutions from various vendors, Synop employs AI-driven forecasting tools to optimize charging schedules, ensuring commercial EV fleets maximize uptime and minimize costs. For further information, please visit

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