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December 19, 2023

Breaking New Ground: Synop Becomes First Standard Partner in EV Charging Management with Geotab

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Synop has officially joined forces with Geotab, and our solutions are now live on the Geotab Marketplace. We’re proud to be the first EV charging and energy management solutions company to achieve Standard Partner Tier status on the marketplace. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the evolution of commercial electric vehicle (EV) fleet management, as it offers a unified platform for handling both electric and mixed-fuel fleets. 

Rigorous Journey to Partnership

Achieving the Standard Partner status was no small feat. Synop underwent Geotab's thorough vetting process, ensuring adherence to the highest standards of quality and performance. This process included a comprehensive technical review, demonstrating our software's ability for deep integrations and customization within the Geotab ecosystem. More than just meeting technical specifications, this partnership demonstrates our commitment to promptly adapting to the evolving needs of platform resellers and their value-added services. Security, interoperability, and a relentless focus on innovation were at the forefront of this endeavor.

AI-Driven Solutions for Real-Time Management

The heart of this partnership lies in the seamless integration of Synop's AI-powered software with Geotab's robust data infrastructure. This synergy empowers customers to manage their commercial EV fleet as well as conventional ICE vehicles in real-time, using a single, comprehensive platform. Synop's advanced analytics work in tandem with Geotab's data streams, continuously learning from vehicle duty cycles to optimize the performance of EV fleets and mixed-fuel fleets. This means enhanced operational efficiency, maximized uptime, and a smoother transition for operators integrating more EVs into their existing conventional fleets.

Breaking Barriers in Commercial EV Adoption

Synop's compatibility with all classes of commercial electric vehicles and infrastructures is a game-changer, particularly for operators managing mixed-fuel fleets. This seamless management of vehicles, charging stations, energy, and payments, all without the need for additional hardware or installation, simplifies the transition to electric vehicles. This integration is a major step forward in lowering the barriers to commercial EV adoption, making it more accessible across various industries.

Why This Matters

Our partnership with Geotab, a leader in telematics, is more than just a business alliance; it's a shared vision towards sustainable innovation. As we gear up for the future, our joint efforts aim to simplify and enhance the EV experience for fleet operators, contributing to a greener, more efficient world.

Learn More at Our Upcoming Webinar

To dive deeper into the capabilities and advantages of this partnership, Synop and Geotab invite you to join our upcoming webinar. Slated for early next year, this event will be a treasure trove of insights for operators managing EV and multi-fuel fleets. Participants will learn:

  • New insights on optimizing fleet management for mixed-fuel fleets
  • Best ways to leverage Synop’s capabilities to minimize cost and maximize uptime
  • How to use a single platform to integrate and scale commercial EV programs

Stay tuned for more details on the webinar and join us in embracing the future of fleet management.

For Geotab customers who are interested in exploring this integrated solution, they can find Synop in the Geotab Marketplace or reach out to us directly here:

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